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In turn, each of them would run and jump into a massive fireplace, vanishing from the Ministry of Magic via the Floo Network. The fireplace itself would be added digitally later, so they were running toward a giant green screen and landing on a green crash mat. “It seemed the best way to go out, because it was physical,” director Yates said. And symbolic as well. Free-falling. Taking a leap.

It will barely register in the film - mere seconds of screen time - but as their final act, after a decade of childhood spent in their own ministry of magic, they each ran, and leapt, into the great green unknown. “It was really strange,” Watson says. “And then it was wonderful.”

-Entertainment Weekly

  • Track Name

    There's A Class For This

  • Album

    The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch

  • Artist

    Cute Is What We Aim For


Cute Is What We Aim For: There’s A Class For This

This is a party without the people
This is a show without the sounds
This is a dance without the steps
Now I gave you the clues, so find what I’ve found

This is a song from The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch released by Fueled By Ramen on June 19th, 2006!





Realize it’s too quiet, where’s everyone?:

Oh god zombies or OMG Some psycho killer is going to target me and he’s going to call me while breathing into his phone and then I’m going to die because he will be chasing me and omg I CANNOT AFFORD TO DIE so now I’m going to look for my phone because having my phone while I can press 9-1-1 is the best weapon against a psycho killer who will be having his knife/saw and running after me.

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